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تنشر السومرية نيوز، صوراً للمتظاهرين قرب ساحة التحرير وسط العاصمة بغداد في يومهم الـ16.
وتشهد بغداد ومحافظات اخرى منذ الجمعة (25 تشرين الاول 2019)، تظاهرات عدة للمطالبة بتحسين الخدمات وتوفير فرص العمل فضلاً عن المطالبة بالاصلاح، تصاعدت وتيرتها مما اسفر عن مقتل واصابة المئات بين صفوف المتظاهرين، فضلاً عن القوات الامنية.
ATLANTA (Reuters) - Tahrir Square in central Baghdad is witnessing the "biggest demonstrations" since anti-government protests erupted a month ago on October 1, Iraqi police officers told CNN.

Three Iraqi activists told CNN
He shot at Iraqi security forces.
You will be conducting troops in Iraq on Wednesday to inspect the protesters gathered on the bridge, but there were no casualties.
This is where it widened.
Protesters have closed the bridge since Tuesday afternoon.
American statement
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi protesters re-closed the Umm Qasr oil port in Basra province on Thursday, a few hours after resuming work at the country's vital oil facility.
Iraqi sources said the protesters re-closed the entrance to the port of Umm Qasr shortly after the announcement of Iraqi officials to return to work, according to Agence France-Presse.
Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Thursday that the country's general budget is not just figures and any imbalance leads to an imbalance in economic, health and educational progress, directing the Budget Committee to hold meetings to accelerate their completion and submit them to the House of Representatives as soon as possible.