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Baghdad: Iraq will not participate in Bahrain conference

Baghdad / Naza Mohammed / Anatolia

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry revealed on Wednesday that it did not participate in the economic workshop called the "deal of the century" on the Palestinian territories, which the US administration called for organizing in Bahrain.

"We are not interested in this conference and we will not participate in it," Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed al-Sahaf told Anatolia.

He added, "Iraq sticks to its firm and principled position on the Palestinian issue and the rights of the Palestinian people."

It is scheduled to hold an economic workshop in the Bahraini capital Manama on June 25-26, called by the United States, to discuss the economic aspects of the "deal of the century," according to US media.

A White House official said on Tuesday that Egypt, Jordan and Morocco had told us she would attend the workshop.

The workshop is officially rejected by the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian national and Islamic factions. The deal is said to be based on forcing Palestinians to make major concessions to Israel.