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Baghdad Conference .. Low Iranian presence and a new protocol error!

Iraq on Saturday hosted a summit of the heads of parliaments of the six neighboring countries: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iran and Turkey.

The summit was opened in Baghdad with high attendance by participating countries except Iran, whose representation was low.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, a member of the Security and Foreign Relations Committee of the Iranian Shura Council, represented his country.
The Iranian official arrives in Najaf first

The sources added that Boroujerdi did not land at Baghdad airport, like the rest of the delegations that were officially received at the airport, but landed Friday at the airport in Najaf, where he met members of the Iraqi Construction Alliance headed by Hadi al-Amiri, in addition to the President of the Reform Alliance Ammar al-Hakim to move to Baghdad.

The sources confirmed to that Boroujerdi later arrived at the Iraqi parliament building, where he was officially received there, in a step counted by observers that are not compatible with the official protocols, which is not the first time for Iranian officials and their visits to Iraq.

In addition, a source familiar with the Iraqi parliament said that the Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council apologized for attending the pretext of the flood issue, which hits many Iranian cities, especially the cities of Abadan and others.
Protocol error

For his part, said the Iraqi parliament member and member of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Karim Abu Souda, "for Arabic. Net": Iraq's neighboring countries should respect the sovereignty of Iraq and apply international contexts, and take into account the common interests between them and Iraq, "considering the visit of the Iranian delegation to Najaf Protocol, considering that Iran and all delegations should abide by the protocol norms between countries.

On the other hand, Ghaith al-Tamimi, head of the Iraqi Center for Diversity Management, told that the Iranian delegation that arrived in Najaf wanted to send an uncomfortable message to the delegations that came: "The depth of Iran is not the Iraqi parliament representing the sovereignty of the Iraqi state and its people, but Najaf." Therefore, Boroujerdi went to Najaf first, then went to Baghdad as if he wanted to say we share our Iraqi Shiites and we came from the gate of the Shiites, "he put it.

He continued: I as a Shiite reject this logic, and the reference to Najaf categorically reject the inclusion of Shiite doctrine in the Iranian political conflicts with Iraq.